-Screenshots from YouTube comments and people calling for a series. Make a really busy looking collage.

-Illustrations of me and brian speaking to the reader.

-Emeen portrait shows up (from indiebox) and says "Hi. I'm emeen. I made the music. It's amazing"

-Time-stamp embedded links to clips from streamers.

-Photos of people gushing about the game on steam forums.

Stock photos of people "looking like they don't understand" or are trying to make sense of something. "I still don't understand. Why should I care?"


And if you're still not convinced, well...

  • Poe the Corgi is in it. She kills people for treats. #poetime
  • The original Captain Forever came out like 10 years ago and there are still people posting on the official forums <link. Game has sticking power.
  • Supporting games that are about building spaceships is the same as supporting NASA. You want to support NASA, right?
  • ~ ~ ~  ~ ~    ~     ~     ~     ~    ~     ~            ~  *^*^*^*^ I compel you to play it! *^*^*^*^*  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~   ~   ~     ~       ~           ~
  • Aren't you scared of what might happen if you don't?