Summary of Contributions

  • Built mind-bending 3D spaces to compliment Tribes' unique blend of combat, jetpacking and skiing.
  • Built multiplayer levels for one of the most unique and revered franchises in competitive FPS gaming.
  • Designed, built, scripted, decorated and lit single player levels.
spiridian 1.jpg

Read on for a more detailed overview of each level


A completely enclosed underground space; a first for the Tribes series. There's plenty of room to ski and jetpack, but the ceiling allowed the new grapple hook tool to take center-stage.


Multiplayer level: Spiridian

Michael Johnston (MP design lead) wanted Vengeance to be a more close-quarters, intimate game than its predecessors.  This level supported that goal.

Capture-the-flag is a spectator arena sport in the world of Tribes: Vengeance. I wanted to explore this idea while taking on the added challenge of building a very tight and constrained space that still allowed players of high skill to traverse it at great speed.



Highlights include

  • An aerial assault experienced from the gunner seat of an Assault Ship. You gun down tanks, turrets, and squadrons of ground troops.
  • Anti-air turrets force you to land. You escort a Heavy Trooper named Henry around the base so that he can use mortar shells to destroy the AA guns.
  • A trip through your first Phoenix underground base. The base feels like the most insane skate park you've ever experienced, with brain-bending 3D spaces and spherical rooms. Your ability to jetpack and ski remains a key part of the experience.
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Many parts of the single player campaign take place indoors, where it was important to me that the core concept of "freedom of movement" remain intact. I built spaces that encouraged, rewarded, and required the use of your jetpack and skiing. Discovery's interior spaces helped set the bar for this ideal.



You play as Mercury, a meticulous and calculating robot assassin with the ability to hack base systems and patch in to enemy radio chatter. The outdoor section offers a lot of player choice as you hack the enemy's base systems in the order of your own choosing.

The interior section of the mission is a highlight. Hiding beneath the waters of a flooded chamber, you take down a bunch of enemies from beneath the murk. It's reminiscent of the best 70's and 80's trashy action flicks. I scripted the AIs so that they'd attempt to shoot in the general direction of the underwater player if you gave away your position. You end up feeling like a deadly assassin as you take out each enemy one by one as they exclaim "I think he's over there!" and take pot-shots at you.

Here's footage of that sequence:


More screenshots from "Assassination":



This mission presented a unique and fun design challenge. The focus is narrative, detailing Princess Julia's daring childhood escape from her palace home as it comes under attack. She's just a kid, so the constraints placed on gameplay were...quite massive. Julia would not have a jetpack or be able to ski, and could not carry and shoot weapons.

The mission had to cement her image as a natural-born warrior. I had to get creative to make it interesting, varied and fun.

Highlights included:

  • Finding a grapple hook and using it to travel vertically through parts of the palace all while nimbly avoiding enemy attacks.
  • Breathlessly avoiding a bunch of enemies and then turning the tables when you happen across a security turret and jump into the pilot seat for a little payback.
  • Sneaking past enemy squadrons and jumping into a Fighter Pod (flying attack vehicle) to blast your way through dozens of enemies as you make your escape through the massive Palace chambers.
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Single player mission: Proof

This is basically a "tower defense in 3D" mission.

You infiltrate and capture an enemy base and use its systems to defend against increasingly viscous waves of enemy troops and vehicles. You lay defensive traps and turrets, activate and use base vehicle stations, and switch between different character types (light/medium/heavy) and loadouts. There are some interesting moments where circumstances pull you away from the base to achieve secondary objectives such as destroying enemy resupply outposts.

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