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What I did: Built and shipped a game on a two-person team after licensing the design for a beloved and award-winning indie classic. Created all of the art assets, drove world building, designed and tuned major systems, planned the approach to marketing, made all marketing assets, and wrote dialogue.

Studio: Pixelsaurus Games (self-employed owner)

Platforms: PC | Mac | Linux

Critical reception: 94% user rating (Steam)

Team size: two core members (myself and Brian Chan) and one audio contractor (Emeen Zarookian)

Project length: 18 months

Engine and tools: Unity, Adobe Suite, Google Docs


BioShock (2007)

Link: Portfolio Page

What I did: Designed and crafted "Neptune's Bounty", a level which helped define the tenets of BioShock level design. Design owner for AI systems, driving iteration and tuning behaviors. Design owner for UI & UX on the PC SKU. Built marketing demos and promoted the game.

Studio: Irrational Games

Platforms: Xbox 360 | PS3 | PC

Critical Reception: "One of the greatest video games of all time". Critically acclaimed, Bafta award winner, and one of the highest rated games of all time. Winner of multiple Game of the Year awards.

Time on project: ~2 years

Engine and tools: Unreal and proprietary scripting system


BioShock 2 (2010)

Link: Portfolio Page

Link: Development Process Page (password protected) 

What I did: Created "Fontaine Futuristics", one of the most memorable levels in the series. Brought one of the most beloved and interesting characters "Gil Alexander" to life. Made everyone's favorite inanimate object, the Unstable Teleport Plasmid.

Studio: 2K Marin/Australia

Platforms: Xbox 360 | PS3 | PC

Critical Reception: Critically acclaimed, Bafta nominated, and highly rated

Engine and tools: Unreal and proprietary scripting system

Time on project: 9 months


Dance Central (2010)

Link: Portfolio Page

Link: Development Process Page (password protected) 

What I did: Lead the design for a new type of dance game for Xbox 360 Kinect. Solved usability and design problems for a new type of input and technology that was in parallel development with the game. Collaborated on design and creative vision. Shipped a high-quality franchise starter for the launch of Kinect.

Studio: Harmonix Music Systems

Platforms: Xbox 360 Kinect

Critical Reception: highly-rated and hailed as Kinect's "killer app"

Engine and tools: Proprietary engine and tools. Microsoft office and Visio for documentation

Project Length: ~1 year


Captain Bubblenaut (2013)

Link: Portfolio Page

What I did: Collaborated on a two-person team to explore new design space and make something truly unique. Created all art assets and drove world building.

Studio: Pixelsaurus Games (self-employed owner)

Team size: 2 (myself and Owen Macindoe)

Platforms: iOS iPhone & iPad

Project Length: 3 year spare-time side project

Engine and tools: Cocos 2D, Xcode, Adobe Suite


H O C K E E (2014)

Link: Portfolio Page

What I did:  Built a game in 48 hours to test collaboration with a new dev partner. Explored new design ideas. Created all art assets and defined design goals.

Team size: 2 (myself and Sean Gubelman)

Platforms: Browsers | PC | Mac

Project length: 48 hours

Engine and tools: Unity and Adobe Suite


Swat 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate (2006)

Link: Portfolio Page

What I did: Designed, built, scripted, decorated and lit half of the levels in the game, which ran double-duty in both single and multiplayer modes.

Studio: Irrational Australia

Platforms: PC

Team Size: 6

Project Length: ~6 months

Engine and tools: Unreal, 3DSMax and proprietary scripting system


Tribes: Vengeance (2004)

Link: Portfolio Page

What I did: Built mind-bending 3D spaces to compliment Tribes' unique blend of combat, jetpacking and skiing. Built multiplayer levels for one of the most unique and revered franchises in competitive FPS gaming. Designed, built, scripted, decorated and lit single player levels.

Studio: Irrational Australia

Platforms: PC

Team Size: ~30

Project Length: ~2 years

Engine and tools: Unreal and proprietary scripting system