Between 1998 and 2002 I created over 30 levels for Unreal and Unreal Tournament map-packs and MODs such as Strike Force and Tactical Ops, which shipped as a commercial product in 2002 and was my first professional project.

I learned to form and work with teams, often in circumstances where communication required extra effort due to members being dispersed across the world.

I particularly enjoyed teaming up with three other level designers. We worked together on map-packs and various MODs We drove each other to improve and grow. I still keep in touch with them. Two of them have had long careers at places like Epic and Naughty Dog.

Oh, it's time to celebrate! You made it to the end of the Wall of BSP! Your reward is a photo of the hostage NPC from Tactical Ops. Recognize the face?


(it's teenage-me!)