Summary of Contributions

This was a six-month project with a small team of heavy-hitters. I designed, built, scripted, decorated and lit half of the levels in the game, which ran double-duty in both single and multiplayer modes.

Read on for a more detailed overview of each level


An office building has been gutted by a bomb explosion. Electricity has been knocked out and visibility is low making flashlights and night vision goggles a must. Basement parking is flooded with knee-high water, removing the ability to peek under doors using specialized camera gear.

office 1.jpg


FunTime Arcade? More like...ShootyTime...Arcade.

I wanted this space to give players a feeling of sensory overload. There are lots of colorful blinking lights, loud sounds (all of the arcade machines are set to attract mode!) and dark spaces with glow-in-the-dark stickers all over the walls.


Halfway House

Some of the more tactically interesting multiplayer spaces in the bunch, including a sleeping quarters bisected by dividers and bunk beds, a church hall with a balcony overhang, and a dining hall.



A subway station that shows signs of the bloody battle taking place between SWAT and members of the Stetchkov syndicate. Alongside it runs a long-abandoned and dilapidated subway platform.

Subway 2.jpg